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This steering wheel is only compatible with the PC. It is not compatible with any console(xbox, Playstation, ecc)

Assembled and distributed by Speed Max Racing.

Production time: 20 days.

Complete steering wheel, with USB electronic, including trim.
Assembled and distributed bySpeed Max Racing.

Compatible with: G25 / G27 / G29 / G920 / T500rs / T300rs / TX / TS-PC / OSW, (PC Only).

Steering wheel assembled with carbon fiber plates, and hand-sewn alcantara-style handles. It has paddles for gear change in carbon fiber
On the front plate a 4.3″ display can be configured through the side buttons, each of which can be customized with the Z1Dashboard software *.
To complete the picture there are 6 buttons and 2 customizable encoders.
Connection via USB cable and self-installing drivers.
Dimension: 280mm

N.B: Not compatible with Thrustmaster T818 bases

N.B: It is not possible to perform two button actions at the same time because the HUC3 board does not allow it

Thanks to the lightness and quality of the materials, it offers a completely immersive driving experience

The steering wheel adapts perfectly to the entire Logitech G Series and Thrustmaster and OSW with special 70mm or 50.8mm adapters.

* The Z1 Dashboard Software can be ordered directly to manufacturer’s website: here


léopold s 05/12/2022

Very Good

A beautiful handmade steering wheel. Long live small manufacturing.

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    McLarsen GT1

    McLarsen GT1

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