Display USBD480 TFT no touch


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4.3" TFT display with USB interface for use with a PC or embedded devices with USB host. Thanks to the Hi-Speed USB interface used it is possible to stream video to the display.



  • 4.3" 480x272 pixel resolution color TFT LCD
  • Hi-Speed USB interface 480 Mbps
  • Optional touchscreen
  • 16 bit colors
  • 8 MB framebuffer memory
  • Display can be updated up to 90 frames per second over USB (can be configured also for higher transfer rate than this if needed)
  • USB powered (current usage is about mA with backlight at full brightness and USB data transfer in progress)


This display makes it quick and easy to add a TFT display to a project without having to design complex display interfaces. All that is needed from the host hardware is a USB host port. Single USB cable is used for both data transfer and for powering the display module.


The display can be updated more than 90 full frames per second over USB so it is possible to stream video to the display. The display also supports updating only partial areas of the framebuffer to reduce data transfer and offer even faster update rates. Some applications can take advantage of the fact that the large framebuffer memory also makes it possible to store 32 full frames in the framebuffer and then only send commands to switch between these preloaded images without having to transfer new image data to the display.


  • Without touchscreen
  • Luminance 500 cd/m² typ.


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Display USBD480 TFT no touch

Display USBD480 TFT no touch

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