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      Universal Hub compatible Pc

       This steering wheel is only compatible with the PC. It is not compatible with any             console (PlayStation, Xbox, etc.)

  1.      It has 8 buttons and 2 encoders, has a central housing for 70mm steering wheels
  2.      Magnetic paddle shift with 2mm thick carbon levers highlighted on + and - for ascent         and descent
  3.      It has a USB cable with a 1.5mt extendable spiral cable.
  4.      Production time: 20 days.
  5.     N.B: It is not possible to perform two button actions at the same time because the HUC3 board does        not allow it


Andreas D 05/23/2019

hot stuff

you guys are just great. very good hardware, great service and support. Improvements are accepted and implemented. keep it up. five stars for you

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